Foxes-3Foxes and coyotes are becoming more adapted to living in urban areas.  As development expands and habitat fragmentation increases, there are more opportunities for human-animal interactions.  Under normal circumstances, both species will avoid humans.  However, foxes have been known to give birth to young under an outbuilding or other structure.  Coyotes may den near a home along a stream bank or in heavy brush.  In these situations females can be very bold.

If you see a coyote or fox and possibly need coyote control or fox control, let us offer you a free inspection to determine the possibility of their occurrence.  Coyotes may howl at dusk and indicate they are present.  Foxes may bark and give away their location.  Both species may be dangerous to pets and livestock in certain circumstances.  They may also defend themselves if they are inadvertently cornered.  If you hear a fox or coyote around your residence or property on more than one occasion, you may need a coyote removal or a fox removal specialist to help.

Their dens site may harbor remains of food or other odor causing matter.  This may cause unwanted insects and cause pets to be attracted to the area.  Our wildlife biologists have participated in home range and population demographic studies on both foxes and coyotes, and have first hand knowledge of behaviors and proper capture techniques to offer you the best coyote control and fox control services available.  These animals can be removed by using several phases.


  • Trapping – Foxes and coyotes should be live trapped in residential areas as other traps may be dangerous to pets.  Our knowledgeable biologists understand safe fox removal and coyote removal and are concerned about the health of other species and domestic animals.  Captured foxes or coyotes are not released.  They may spread many diseases to wildlife and domestic animals.
  • Sanitary Cleanup – Foxes and coyotes are large animals and excrement and spent prey carcasses should be removed when den areas are present.  The area will be effectively treated and cleaned by our licensed pest control applicators (South Carolina Pesticide Regulatory Commission).  In some cases fleas may infest an area at a den site and may also need treatment.
  • Exclusions/Repair – All areas which may make effective denning locations will be modified to prevent entry.  Openings allowing future access to the structure will be modified or repaired by our licensed building contractors (SCDLLR).
  • Habitat Modifications – Any vegetation that appears to provide cover for the animal or a travel corridor may be removed or fenced to prevent access.


Do not wait if you have observed or heard foxes or coyotes on more than one occasion at your home or property.  Our fox control and coyote removal services can help you determine if you have this problem with a free inspection by our wildlife biologists.


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