Squirrel removal columbia scSquirrels are notorious for taking refuge in our homes.  Sometimes they find holes from rotten wood or poor construction.  However, many situations occur after the squirrels chew through external fascia of homes to gain entry.  While squirrels will enter homes during all times of the year, it most often occurs in the fall.  Some squirrels will use the areas for a place to stay warm and some go a step further by using them as nursery areas for their young during reproductive periods.  In any case, squirrels may cause serious damage chewing on wiring, insulation and framework.  Sometimes they will inadvertently chew into the living quarters or fall down a chimney.

At this point you know you need expert advice in squirrel control and squirrel removal.  Once a structure has been inspected and identified to have squirrels, exterior and adjacent areas will also be inspected to determine the overall habitat suitability and density of squirrels in the area.  Squirrel control will then be dealt with in a four step process:


  • Trapping – Squirrels are captured using live traps set in discrete locations near their home range using their normal feeding ecology for capture and data is collected for adaptive management.  Our wildlife biologists design and build our own traps and are experts in squirrel control and squirrel removal.
  • Sanitary Cleanup – Certified wildlife biologists will ensure the areas occupied by the squirrels are cleaned and disinfected from bacteria and that any contaminated stored goods or insulation is removed.  They are also licensed by the South Carolina Pesticide Regulatory Commission to safely integrate an applicable pesticide for any ectoparasite issues that may result from the squirrels.
  • Exclusions/Repair – Damages caused by the squirrels to electrical wiring, insulation contamination, or openings allowing squirrels to access to the structure will be modified or repaired by our licensed building contractors (SCDLLR).
  • Habitat Modifications – Any vegetation that appears to provide easy access to a roof line or walls will be cosmetically trimmed by skilled arborists from our tree division (Tree MD) to prevent the structure from become an extension of a squirrels tree.  In some cases a tree may be removed by directive of the home owner.


Unfortunately, exclusion alone will not solve squirrel problems.  Once acclimated to living inside a home, any exclusion measure will fail if the animals are not first trapped and removed from the site.  Further, young squirrels, when born in a home, will disperse and look for other homes to live in.  Never trap and relocate a squirrel, as it may spread disease from one population to another or possibly cause problems for other homeowners.  Signs to look for include the following: scratching noises in attic areas, holes chewed in trim work or siding, or you may visually observe the squirrel sitting on the roof.

If you observe these things or think you need squirrel control or squirrel removal we are the experts as we have captured over 14,500 squirrels.  Call us for a free inspection.


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