JasonBioPicSmallJason Peeples was born and raised in the low country of South Carolina.  He grew up on his parent’s farm–an avid outdoorsman from the very beginning.  Even as a youngster, Peeples was introduced to the science and technique of trapping, catching beaver and raccoons on the farm.  This fascination with wildlife and the outdoors made his career choice an obvious one.  After graduating the University of South Carolina with a degree in Environmental Engineering Studies, Peeples received his Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Biology and a Masters in Wildlife Ecology from Clemson University.

Since that time, he has been published in The Proceedings of the Southeastern Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, awarded Best Research and Presentation– 56th Annual Southeastern Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies Conference for his work documenting mink population in the low country of South Carolina.  He is a licensed builder, is the owner of several patents, and, perhaps most importantly, is an accredited and registered Wildlife Biologist.

This commitment to a diverse education and lifelong, intimate knowledge of nature and wildlife have enabled the Forest and Wildlife Group to provide truly expert service that meets the needs of its customers while always demonstrating a healthy respect for and understanding of nature and the environment.