The Forest and Wildlife Group always goes the extra mile to satisfy customers and ensure each job is done properly.  Our combination of biology, ecology, and construction expertise enables us to provide true solutions that go far beyond a temporary fix.  Please take a moment to review some of the recommendations below, and you will see that our commitment to quality service is evident in every aspect of our business.


ColonialIn 2005, I called Forest & Wildlife Innovations to eradicate bats that had entered our building by sliding under the 4th floor window storefront.  Jason Peeples and his staff investigated the extent of the infestation and prepared a thorough report that included recommended action steps with estimated costs.  Jason presented these recommendations to me and our Safety Manager.

Jason recommended installation of netting so the bats could drop out but not re-enter.  After he and his staff made sure the bats were gone, they quickly removed the guano and spoiled sheetrock on the inside while installing matching break metal over the exterior storefront.  Both interior and exterior phases of the job went flawlessly.  The bats have not returned.

The job stretched over several weeks.  During the entire project, the entire Forest & Wildlife Innovations staff was efficient and professional.  They were always mindful that our business came first.

Over the last five years, Forest & Wildlife Innovations have thinned our squirrel population and caught a beaver in our retention pond.  They continue to deliver the results promised, on time and at estimated costs.

I highly recommend Jason and his staff.  If you have any questions or need any additional information, please call me at 803-678-2109.


Tom Bane
Site Operation Manager
Unum Group – Corporate Real Estate


As the property manager for the Lofts at USC, I hired The Forest and Wildlife Group to do a complete bat removal and exclusion from our historic building.  This was a massive project, which included our roof, eaves, bell tower and chimney area.

I was completely confident in Jason’s knowledge of how to completely eradicate them and his ability to find solutions for any unexpected problems.  At the same time, he solved the pigeon/bird issue that we had in the roof area.

Jason was always accessible and quick to respond to my phone calls or emails.  It was not unusual for him to drop by the office if he realized I had questions or needed to speak to him.

No bats or birds have been able to penetrate the building since the work was completed.  In addition, my husband contracted with him for the same work at Trinity United Methodist Church in downtown Sumter.

I have contracted with this company for other ongoing projects, such as our pool and perimeter fence replacements and rehab of our back entrance area.


Linda Gorry
Property Manager
The Lofts at USC


I first met Mr. Peeples of The Forest & Wildlife Group when looking for a company to eradicate beavers that were damming up a private pond located on the land where we were about to begin construction on a new home.  During the time Forest & Wildlife was dealing with the beaver problem, I learned of the many other services that they provide.  That information proved very handy a few months later.

While my company’s new studio was under construction, we repeatedly ran into serious delays and deficiencies with our initial contractor, eventually resulting in the termination of that contractor.  Because of my comfort level with Mr. Peeples’ professionalism–and particularly his trustworthiness (after the ordeal with the first contractor)–I invited Forest and Wildlife to submit a bid to complete the construction.  Everything about the experience from that point forward was in stark contrast to the constant headaches, delays and frustrations of the original contractor.  The project was completed in a timely manner by Forest & Wildlife with quality workmanship and a commitment to a clean job site.

I will use Mr. Peeples’ company and crew for every project I have that falls within their various services.  I highly recommend them.

Cliff Springs
Genesis Studios