Bats removal columbia scBats are generally a summertime pest problem.  Occasionally, bats will appear during winter in South Carolina if they have a warm area to roost or hibernate.  This will make bat control and bat removal more difficult.  In warm weather circumstances, bats will generally locate themselves in gable vents, under trim boards next to masonry, or in openings at the corners of trim on houses.  Commercial buildings may have entry points under parapet wall caps around windows.

Wherever the location, it is usually marked with dark staining of the surrounding areas.  Bats’ bodies tend to be oily and may cause staining near the entry points over a period of time.  The first obvious signs of bat infestation may be the presence of guano (bat droppings) or a musky unpleasant odor in the living quarters.  Scratching or chirping may also be heard in the walls of a home when bats are present.

Since bat guano will build up quickly, waiting for bats to migrate is not a good idea.  In some cases, bat excrement can permanently damage insulation and the framing of a structure, requiring replacement in extreme situations.  When in large quantities, bat guano may harbor insects and other unwanted pests.  It has also been proven to promote certain respiratory diseases.  If bat control or bat removal is needed it will be conducted in the following format.  The order of this format may be modified under certain situations of bat control or bat removal.


  • Trapping /Removal – Bats will be removed by using ecological behavior patterns to lure them from their nesting or loafing areas.
  • Sanitary Cleanup – Guano, damaged goods, and all debris associated with the bats will be removed for disposal and the area will be treated with a sterilizing agent and, in some cases, a pesticide, if the presence of ectoparasites is identified.  Our certified wildlife biologists understand the life cycles of the bacteria and ectoparasites associated with the species and will properly protect your home, family and pets.
  • Exclusion/ Repair – All openings or critical areas on the structure where bats may gain access are inspected and modified or repaired to prevent future entry.  Any structural contamination or contaminated insulation can be repaired by Forest and Wildlife’s licensed building contractors (SCDLLR).


Bats will not go away on their own unless they migrate in late summer.  Bats are also proven carriers of rabies and the longer bats remain in a home the greater the chance of inadvertently coming in contact with a bat that may be unhealthy.  Please call us if you feel you are in need of bat control or bat removal at your home or business.  We provide long term warranties for homes and commercial buildings for all bat control and bat removal services.


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