Dead-Animals-2Dead animal odors are one of the worst issues that may occur in a home or to a business owner.  In most cases, the location may be unknown or the source may be inaccessible.  Biologists at Forest and Wildlife have the expertise and equipment to find these areas, remove the carcass or organic matter causing the odor, and prevent the recurrence.

In some cases, animal or fecal matter may have affected adjacent features of a home or business where it was located.  Bacteria and insect larvae may breed in an animal carcass and may begin to infest the adjacent areas.  This must be handled appropriately with the necessary chemicals to kill any residual ectoparasites that may have been associated with the dead animal, and properly sterilize the areas where they may have occurred.

Framing, carpet, sheetrock, and insulation may have to be replaced to complete the service.  Our licensed builders are experts in this field and can make sure the job is done right and is cosmetically acceptable after the project is complete.  If you have a strange or putrid odor coming from your attic or home, call the experts in dead animal removal and remediation.


Forest and Wildlife Group are biologists and experts in animal and nuisance wildlife removal, control, and exlusion.  Click on any of the links below for more information about each specific animal.    

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