Opossums-2Opossums are the only marsupials that inhabit North America.  They may have as many as ten young in their pouch until they become too large and then may ride on the mother’s back.  They are very numerous in South Carolina and will inhabit many of the same places as raccoons.  They are not susceptible to rabies, as the disease is not compatible with their physiology.  However, they will carry heavy flea infestations and may carry several intestinal bacteria that may be harmful to people and pets.

Opossums, like many other animals, will bite when threatened but may also play dead if threatened heavily.  When they become a nuisance, they will usually find openings under air conditioning units or find some other way to enter a crawlspace.  They will also enter attics if openings exist that are available to them.  Whatever the location, they will defecate on or contaminate insulation in attics and vapor barriers under homes.  They may also pull down insulation under homes as they climb onto a pier or duct work.  They will infest areas with fleas where they live and their offspring may also inhabit the area once they are large enough to become mobile.  If you hear something under your home or in the attic at night, you may be in need of opossum control or opossum removal.

If you need these service our wildlife biologists will handle the problem as follows:


  • Trapping – Opossums should be live trapped in residential areas as other traps may be dangerous to pets.  Our knowledgeable biologists understand safe opossum removal and are concerned about the health of other species and domestic animals.  Captured opossums are not released, as they can spread diseases to wildlife and domestic animals.
  • Sanitary Cleanup – Opossums can be large and, as omnivores, feed on many things.  Opossum excrement is large and can build up quickly on vapor barriers and insulation and can also stain ceilings.  The area will be effectively treated and cleaned by our licensed pest control applicators  (South Carolina Pesticide Regulatory Commission).
  • Exclusions/Repair – All areas deemed points of entry as well as all damages caused by the opossum to subfloor areas, siding, fascia, insulation contamination and or openings allowing future access to the structure will be modified and or repaired by our licensed building contractors (SCDLLR).
  • Habitat Modifications – Any vegetation that appears to provide easy access to a roof line or walls will be cosmetically trimmed by skilled arborists from our tree division (Tree MD) to prevent the structure from allowing easy access to the roof or ledge.  In some cases a tree may be removed by directive of the home owner.


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