septic tank pumping columbia sc

Septic, Sewage, or Drainage Problems?

Multi-Flow Sewer and Drain Co. has been helping residents and business owners in Columbia SC and the Midlands deal with flooding, sewer, and drainage problems for over 10 years.

At Multi-Flow Sewer and Drain, we pride ourselves on fast, efficient, and cost effective solutions to any drainage or sewer problem.  Using state of the art equipment, our engineers and professionally trained technicians can solve your problems with careful attention to safety, convenience, and the impacts on the surrounding landscapes of businesses and homeowners.  From simple repairs to extensive installs,  we can “make it flow.”


Our Sewer & Drain Services Include:

Sewer & Drain Cleaning     l     Install & Repair Leach Fields     l    Install Water Lines
Septic Inspections (Real Estate Closings)     l    Plumbing Repairs
Complete Septic Systems     l    Drain Field Repairs     l    Lift Stations
Deteriorated Line Replacement     l    Clean & Install Septic Tanks
Clean & Install Grease Traps     l    Install Sewer Laterals & Sewage Pumps
Hydro Flushing for Commercial Sewer Lines     l    Video Camera Line Inspections
Storm Drainage     l French Drains     l    Retention Drainage