FWG-Trap-smallLive traps are an integral part of our business and wildlife management.  It is critical that a trap not only catch what it is intended to capture, but ultimately hold the animal safely and rigidly.  If an animal escapes from a trap they are very difficult to recapture.

At Forest and Wildlife, we have collected data from thousands of trapping locations and situations and have used this data to develop our own design of live traps.  Hours of observations from different animals in these traps have allowed us to make them virtually inescapable for an animal and safe for the trapper.

Our traps are design to utilize the animals physiological characteristics and behavior to prevent its escape.  Our traps are built to stand the test of time and the rigors and abuse from commercial handling.  All traps are custom made by hand and can support the weight of a 250lb man. This design has been utilized exclusively by 7 different county animal control agencies and determined to be the best trap they have ever used.  We manufacture these traps one by one and all are tested for durability.

Whether you are an individual or a corporate or government representative, contact us to test one of our traps today and recognize the genuine difference they can make in your capture efforts.


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